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Rinse well and Eat well



Because it is FRESH and LOCAL and most of us had 2-3 inches (double that for N GA) of rain over the weekend. Even with mulching expect some splash residue on products this week.


If supermarket produce is our basis for comparison we may turn the question around and ask why “conventionally grown” food is so cheap. “Conventional wisdom” credits economy of scale, but there is another reason: subsidies. To learn more about this and how our small growers might get recognized in the next Farm Bill come to The Arts Center tonight at 7:00 PM for a special presentation on the matter by Jared Cates of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. Find out where your ag tax dollars are going (and not going).


Glad you asked! On Thursday of this week we will have the grand opening of the Six Mile Farmers Market, followed by May’s First Friday Market at Patrick Square. The Clemson (Pat Sq) Market will open on a weekly basis thereafter. CAFÉ keeps a table at the Pat Sq market distributing informstion and selling items from many of our growers. Come out and visit!

I have not fully researched the opening dates of the other local markets (Anderson, Easley, Pendleton, Pickens, Seneca, etc.). I am hearing of new ones all the time (Heritage?). Are they competing for the same farmers? Let the farmers decide. We are glad to see the growing demand create farmers out of more of you out there whose land is eager to produce.

CAFE has been approached by some of these new growers, and over the past weekend we began listing some products from *Jason Davis of Calyx Hydro Farm *in Walhalla which specializes in hydroponic greens and summer vegetables.

Please refer other new farmers that you meet to CAFÉ. We have not been able to get out and find them all. CAFE can be a good incubator market for new growers; a place to try new products, packaging, pricing, etc.

Please see our Calendar or that of Tricounty Transition for details on these markets and other upcoming events:

Market open until noon. Rinse well and eat well. Lance