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Tailgate Prize Awarded!!

Monday Update 10/29/12


As promised, the Best Loka-color Tailgate plate was awarded at the City of Clemson Farmers Market last Friday. The prize went to Connor Lemacher who constructed the spelling of C-L-E-M-S-O-N (see photo on Facebook page) with vegetables grown at the Student Organic Farm. For his creative efforts we are offering young Connor either10 stuffed bags of fresh, local spinach; or a Sylvan Falls Mill chocolate cake.

Remember that as outdoor farmers markets are closing for the year CAFÉ remains open year round and even as the temps will be dropping this week, our Fall crops are only beginning to arrive, and we anticipate another long extended season of Fall greens as more and more of our Growers incorporate season-extending practices and technologies.

Continue shopping until noon today. You may even still purchase miniature pumpkins from Parisi Farms.

Eat (and carve) well to stay well! Lance