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Happy Yum-morial Day!

Happy Yum-morial Day

A Memor-able Day/week for CAFÉ! We have hopped web platforms abruptly and now employ Local Food Marketplace for our online market operations. Credit the skill and ease with which this transition has taken place to Elian. (Dis)credit delays and glitches to me for repeatedly crying Wait! and then not catching up. We have been running for two days and, so far, very well.

COME SEE! If you have not yet joined us, it is very easy, as Elian explains in this tutorial video:

You will find most of our familiar products as well as some new ones with bigger and brighter photographs. Check it out! Make an order and tell us what you think.

Volunteer for CFSA Farm Tour:

The date has almost come and I keep forgetting to remind you that the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s 7th annual Upstate Farm Tour is next weekend! Several CAFÉ farms (and some future ones?) are on the tour. But what you also need to know is that *THE TOUR NEEDS VOLUNTEERS. *

If you volunteer you get to spend one afternoon at one farm, and then have a free pass to all the others on the second day. It is a lot of fun and a great way to learn more and meet more of the people involved in local food here in the Upstate. Volunteer here:

CAFÉ farms featured on the tour: Gibson Farms, Happy Critters Ranch, Split Creek Farm, Friends Farm & Catering, The Happy Berry, Clemson University Student Organic Farm, Bio-Way Farm, Mushroom Mountain

Once again, let us know what you think of the new site
May you have many more memorable memorial meals! Lance