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Why did we choose this time of year?


Why did we choose this time of year?

To make big shifts in the way we do things? I am super busy in all aspects of my life! Crops are changing! Weather changing too! Does that make it a good or bad time? The simple fact of the matter is that this time of year is nigh, is now, which is always the best time to do things, if they are to get done. In fact, it has been my own personal busy-ness that has slowed the transition process this long, or I’d have asked the same questions sooner.

Now that I have once again convinced myself of the wisdom and timeliness of the move, I say to you, CAFÉ members, “Let’s go forward together to Local Food Marketplace (LFM) and create the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious, affordable food market ever!”

Later this week you will be asked to re-join CAFÉ on the LFM platform. If you should happen to get left behind, there will be many chances to climb back aboard. We will still be able to send messages to you through, and you may still reach us in your familiar ways.

We have made a test of the system this weekend and have some untested processes still ahead, but we are determined to make the switch this coming Friday. If you would like to check out the site under construction, go to

So stay tuned, and consider taking one last scroll through the locallygrown Market Pages before it closes for good at noon today.

May the (going) FORTH (together) be with you!