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Leah Lake: A Labyrinth of Lettuces?


Leah Lake lettuce: More variety than my seed catalog!

Dear CAFÉ-vores. As I was scrolling alphabetically through the lettuces tonight I (so make sure you keep the bag closed). I looked forward to a time (soon I hope) when I can enlist your help in choosing. For as I looked at picture after picture of luscious and lusciouser-looking lettuces I felt lost! How does one choose; every one I’ve tried has been tender and delicious!

Recently I have been making labyrinths. The first was made in my garden last Fall and lined with lettuce. Every time I walk it I have a bird’s-eye view of lettuce plants, giving me an iconic association of lettuce with labyrinth – the plants themselves are labyrinthine. But beautiful as mine are, I have only two varieties. The CAFÉ pages present a lovlier labyrinth of lettuces!

For the time being, let us know your favorites via email. Your feedback makes CAFÉ better.

Now, take a deep breath and join me in returning to the Leah Lake Labyrinth of Lettuces.

Market open until noon Monday. Choose well and eat well. Lance