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Last Market Before Christmas!



In case you missed Friday’s announcement, Café will not hold a market Christmas Day, which falls on a Tuesday this year. After this week our next market will be Wednesday, January 2. We will go back to Tuesdays on January 8.

If you haven’t stocked up yet almost everything is still available as well as many possible gift items, some that have been added since market opening on Friday:

Among food items:
• Plenty of green vegetables
• Several special holiday cakes
• A special holiday batch of ice creams and sorbets
• Many jams and jellies
• Pecans in many different packages
• Also several Gift Baskets are available under that heading

For some non-food gift items, shop alphabetically and check out the many items under:

• Farm Crafts
• Gift Baskets
• Christmas…
• Skin Care
• Soaps
• T – Shirts, etc.

For those of you I won’t see Tuesday, have a most magnificent next two weeks celebrating your favorite holidays! Eat well, shop well (open til Mon noon), and stay well! Lance