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Decking the Halls at The Arts Center


Decking the Halls!

Like naughty students from the building’s previous incarnation, those of us at the CAFE holiday party were “sent out to the halls” of The Arts Center facility last Friday night, due to a scheduling oversight. When I arrived at 6:00 PM, an hour before the party was to begin the auditorium was already occupied by decorators for a Saturday event. Even though our sovereignty over the territory was re-established , we opted for co-existence and ceded the auditorium to those already in it.

Before the panic of recognizing my unpreparedness for this course of events could fully set in, CAFÉ volunteers began arriving and, intuitively in synch with one another, spontaneously executing a Plan B. Miraculously, by 7:00, in the time it had taken me to arrange the many, generously donated with “door (hall?) prizes,” the school Halls of the Ol’ Morrison Annex, the first school my son attended when we moved here to Clemson years ago, were “decked” with aromatic, colorful, delicious local food, and buzzing with joyous people. Soon the beer-tester/tasters and musicians arrived, food was served, and the party was on!

Just as quickly, everything was dis-assembled, and I was home to bed at a reasonable hour. Like a flash mob, the party had come and gone before my eyes, ears, nose, and tastebuds. Thanks to all who came and made that happen! hanks to those who donated prizes. I am too lazy to mention you all by name at the moment. Check for pictures on Facebook. You are CAFÉ!

Eat well, shop well (open til Mon noon), and stay well! Lance