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Another - yawn - holiday party?


Another Holiday Party?

Knowing how my schedule is I feel I need to justify asking you to crowd another occasion into your shrinking 2012 calendar. Last year we had our holiday party during and after the market pickup time for the sake of calendar efficiency, but those of us involved with the market operations felt our attentions too compromised to give the event the attention it deserves.

We offer this party as an opportunity to celebrate CAFÉ’s existence not only as a market but as an “exchange” in every sense of the word. The acronym CAFÉ was meant to suggest a gathering place for community to form around food needs and supply. We deserve to take the time to stop and simply appreciate one another, so here we are providing such an opportunity.

In the spirit of exchange it is a potluck for several reasons: Not only does it spread the cost and labor, it also allows us to continue what we started at the last Upstate Locavores potluck – sharing local, in-season culinary experiments as well as traditional treats. We encourage you to be local and creative!

The best reason to come to this event may well be for the live musical entertainment:

CAFÉ member, volunteer, and locally-grown musician Scott Chapman will share the stage with Evan Dehner for an “acoustic duo”

Other attractions include, but are by no means limited to:

Holiday Punch by Dana Howard

Door prizes donated by CAFÉ growers and members

Miscellaneous party favors

Ad hoc awards and prizes

Alcoholic beverages will be allowed

So please, if you can swing by after the end of your working Friday, or at the beginning of your busy Friday evening, share some moments with us celebrating the food community we have co-created at The Arts Center between 7 and 9 PM!

PS: Beggars allowed. Don’t let lack of prep time keep you away. Just eat lightly. There is plenty of food around this year.

Eat well, shop well (open til Mon noon), and stay well! Lance