Mile Creek Farm

Website: www.facebook.com/MileCreekProduce

At Mile Creek Farms, we raise our chickens in an enviroment where they enjoy their life in spacious amounts of grass and give each one of hens tender love and care. A day in the eyes of our hens begin as: After roosting all night in a warm and clean area our owner has prepared for us, we are awaken by the sunlight and the sound of whole grains, protein, corn and grit filling our feeders. During the summer months we are treated with watermelon & canteloupe for extra nutrition. We roam around in the grassy areas where we find bugs, eat grass and get lots of exercise. We have a flock block we like to peck on that give us oyster shells, vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy. When we lay our strong shelled eggs, we are proud so we “cluck, cluck, cluck”.
Our Chickens and Eggs are FREE of Pesticides, Hormones & Antibiotics.

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