Nurturing Path Farm

Website: nurturingpath.FarmNotebook.com

Our little farm in West Union, SC is being farmed using sustainable farming practices. Our first goal is to provide chemical-free produce. Secondly, our goal is to provide eggs and meat that are raised on a natural diet and that are free of chemicals/supplemental hormones.

We now have 7 Khaki Campbell Ducks that are laying beautiful protein-packed eggs with large yolks. These eggs are "egg"cellent for baking. In addition, we’ve added 16 chickens that are now laying. Our chickens are day-grazing/foraging and supplemented with soyfree, natural feed and lots of vegetable scraps.

Presently we are harvesting herbs. We have some great vegetables now growing for harvesting this season.

We love the land and the animals that God has given us. We invite you to join us as we begin our journey.

Roy & Janet Patterson
Nurturing Path Farm

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