SisBro Farm

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My brother and I have shared a garden on 18 acres in the Mossy Creek area of Cleveland, GA for several years and have been growing our produce as organically as possible. We came up with the name SisBro Farm for our gardening venture. Since I moved to Six Mile, I kept the name for what I grow here in SC.

We have about 20 laying hens. An interesting variety of breeds produce a beautiful variety of colored eggs. Pastured and free-ranging, the eggs the hens lay have a flavor that commercial eggs don’t have.

After researching soap-making, I decided to make my own soap following the cold-processed method. Using exclusively raw goat’s milk and organic oils, SOAP DOTS are very moisturizing and good for the skin. I chose to focus on non-scented soaps for those who have fragrance sensitivities or allergies.

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