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We are a small farm here in Abbeville SC . All of our vegetables and herbs are grown naturally from heirloom seed. They have that old fashioned flavor that you remember. We. never use chemicals or pesticides.
We will have lettuces, carrots, greens, beets, squash,cucumbers, beans, true heirloom tomatoes, and fresh herbs. We also have flowers that have won many awards at the Abbeville flowers shows. We are currently
building a hoop house to enable us grow year round. *
you can always ask us for anything you might like for the next season we will gladly grow it !
we are back on this week with some great lettuce and swiss chard plus some of the best parsley we ever grew we have been planting every inch of area we had for the spring season we plan to have some real special items this year i had a good friend in Italy send me some seeds from their family we have some potatoes some new zucchini and several new lettuce types from there all are growing already so it should be a great season for us all and we are looking forward to offering all the new stuff to our customers we will even be offering several new potatoes some golds we had last year plus 2 new ones one that is a very rare purple skinned type overall i think the customers will be very pleased just wanted to keep you folks informed
Robert hamel shamrock farms

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