Rocky's Acre

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I am a graduate student in Environmental Engineering at Clemson University. I have kept chickens for the past four years. My current flock is comprised of four 3.5yr-old barred rocks who lay XL or Jumbo eggs when they do lay, yr-old black australorp and columbian wyandotte who lay M to L, and a tiny bantam araucana hen who lays small pale blue eggs.

These are yard eggs, not free range – we are now in Central, where chickens are not allowed, so their coop is now in the woods where they are finding all kinds of fun new treats. Their primary diet consists of organic layer feed from Griff’s Farm and Home Center and they frequently chow down on kitchen scraps from CAFE purchases, crushed eggshells and oyster shells for calcium, chopped alfalfa hay and other treats for healthy eggs.

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