Southern Oaks Jersey Farm

Website: www.southernoaksjerseyssc.com

Mark and Dana Wiley own and operate Southern Oaks Jersey Farm located in rural Abbeville, South Carolina. The all-Jersey dairy farm has been in business for over 20 years, but the love for farming began many years ago.

Farming has been a way of life for the Wiley family for 3 generations now, beginning with crops, beef cows, and pigs, and it wasn’t until the 1980’s that Mark found his true love for farming in dairy cows. The family bought a small herd of cows, built a barn and bought equipment, and began a family business that has been running strong for 20+ years.

Today, they milk 70 registered Jersey cows and maintain dry cows, heifers, and raise calves. Southern Oaks Jersey Farm raises their cows from birth and believes that feeding hay and grain and allowing the cows to graze makes content and productive cows. Southern Oaks Jeresy Farm never uses hormones or steroids in the treatment of our cows.

Most recently, Southern Oaks has been permitted to bottle and sell Grade-A Raw Milk to farm markets, various grocery stores, and private families in search of the goodness of real, natural milk. Grade A raw milk is available now. It’s delicious, old-fashioned, cream-at-the-top milk, with the taste that’s only available from the healthiest cows.

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