Leah Lake Farm


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Leah Lake farm is a new small, intensively cultivated, bio dynamic farm in the Appalachian Mountains begun in 2009 by Brooks Franklin and Mo Keating(deceased)which grows a large variety of vegetables, flowers and plant starts. The first two years, 2009 and 2010, were spent growing dirt and experimenting with a different plants and types of low and high tunnels. 2011 has been our first year of growing for markets and it has been fun, gratifying and hard.

We grow everything from organic seed using organic practices. We believe that if you concentrate on growing good dirt that the plants will take care of themselves.
The concept of sustaining this old farm as a 2nd career is comfortable to us and we feel in balance with life by being a helper, rather than a controller.
We hope you enjoy our product, but if there is any problem, complaint,or “good job”, please contact us. We can’t improve or grow without your input.
The Franklin Family

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