Wild Earth Gardens and Herbals


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We are Wild and Free! Dancing with the The the rhythms of the Earth ! We grow Fruits and Veggies with Live using a combination of methods from Bio-dynamic, Organic and bio-intensive in the frame work of Permaculture. The goal is to create ecologically harmony in tune with Nature doing no harm to any living thing.

The Wild Side of us is Hiking through the woods and harvesting the Wild Food that God has provided. Oh JOY!

In the garden you can expect mostly Heirloom and Open pollinated plants. This means that you can KEEP the SEEDS and Share them with your people! And that ol’ timey taste of antiquity!

As an Herbalist you can expect Wild Food and Medicine to be Reverently Harvested and Lovingly made into products to keep you clean and healthy. God gives us all the plants and herbs to heal and be happy!

The BEES are an added Delight! Totally RAW! I work in concert with my neighbor who is a third generation Bee Keeper. This Honey is unique . I am so Thankful for these bees and my lovely neighbors.

It is my greatest JOY to provide really good food for you and your family. We appreciate your support. You can contact us and let us know how we are doing.

Create a beautiful day!

Marantha Blackwell, and her son ELi!
YOUR Lovely Farmers, Herbalist and Wild Crafters!



Photo taken by my beautiful daughter Ashley Blackwell!

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