Yardley Farms, LLC

Website: www.yardleyfarm.com

Nestled between Norris and Six Mile, SC of Pickens County, off state highway 137, Yardley Farms, LLC is a ten acre mini-farm. The farm is focused on sustainable, organic, and earth-friendly agricultural practices.

Offering “real” free-range eggs, we utilize a combined chicken-tractor and day-range system for our laying hens. As opposed to the USDA allowing chickens in large hen houses with a door open to the outside to be labeled “free range”, our hens are outside with access to grass, bugs, and other wholesome, outdoor living. They live in pastures (day range) or garden (chicken tractor). We have happy hens! (For more info on this, see Meet Our Chickens)At the same time, our hens are organically fertilizing our pastures and garden. For 2011 we are expanding our operation to provide additional eggs, honey, and organic garden produce.

The farm features a composting system that recycles manure, hay, and bio-products, and a compost tea system for organically fertilizing gardens and pastures.

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